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Nicola Valley Health Care Endowment Foundation

Fundraising Update

Thanks to a donation of $1,000 from Linda Brown in Memoriam of her father Roy Brown. The thermometer currently sits at $400,000 and we're getting close! A big thank you to the community for the continued support.IMG_20180928_1335331.jpg

Fundraising Update!

The Thermometer is rising again, and sits now at $300,000!

NVHCEF Director Jerry Sanders recieved a Benefacor Donation from Paula Moyes, and Lia Moyes-Larson. The in-memoriam gift is presented on behalf of five generations of the Moyes Family in the Nicola Valley.

A big Thank You to the Moyes family for their donation!


Fundraising Update

IMG 4075

Thanks to a donation of $5,000 from the Order of the Eastern Star we were able to boost the thermometer to $375,000. We're getting close! A big thank you to the community for the continued support.



Fundraising Update!

Jerry Sanders raised the fundraising thermometer once again this morning, after generous donations from the Shriners ($1,000) and Bryon & Denise Schmidt ($50,000).

A huge thank you to our newest donors (and of course to all past and future donors as well). Your support is very much appreciated!










Design consultant selected for ER expansion

The planned expansion and renovation of the emergency wing at the Nicola Valley Hospital is one step closer to breaking ground, as the design consultant for the project has now been selected.

Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd. was awarded the contract from nine submissions, stated a press release from the Interior Health Authority on Dec. 23.

Kasian, along with a team of other consultant companies, will be working alongside IHA during the upcoming spring, when a general contractor is expected to be selected for the project.

The expansion and renovation of the hospital’s ER is expected to cost approximately $5.6 million with the Thompson Regional Hospital District (TRHD) supplying $2.24 million, and the Nicola Valley Health Care Endowment Foundation committing to raise about $700,000 for equipment and furnishing.

The IHA’s portion of the project costs will be about $3 million.

The project will add about 400 square metres of new space to the ER and include features such as a covered ambulance bay with a dedicated ambulance entrance, confidential triage and registration spaces, a decontamination room, expanded trauma and treatment areas, a new nurse station and equipment storage.

During the project’s announcement at the Nicola Valley Hospital and Health Centre last November, Health Minister Terry Lake said he expects to break ground on the project by November 2017.

Completion of the expansion should be finished within 20 to 24 months from now — which would mean the new and improved ER could be open in 2018.

Fundraising Update!

The thermometer was raised to $325,000, due to a number of smaller donations. A big Thank You to the community for your continued support!


The Merritt library is home to 35 new books for its medical section with the latest health and wellness information thanks to a $700 donation from the Nicola Valley Health Care Endowment Foundation. 

The books cover a range of topics, including recipes for people with high cholesterol, dealing with a mental illness or depression diagnosis, and the basics of Alzheimer’s disease. 

The endowment foundation is perhaps best known for fundraising to help the local hospital purchase equipment, but the non-profit group contributes to community health in other ways — such as providing information to the public at large through these books, foundation director Libby Petrie (left) said. 
Librarian Deborha Merrick (right) said the partnership is a win-win for both groups plus the public, which, of course, can access the books at no cost.