Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are You a Registered Charity? +

    Yes, we are. We think its important that you know who you are entrusting with your hard earned dollars for health care. You can look us up and our most recent charity return on the Government of Canada Registered Charities Website. Our BN/Registration Number is 888510443RR0001.
  • Does the Foundation Deliver Health Care Services? +

    No. The NVHCE Foundation does not deliver any healthcare services or provide any patient care. The Foundation is a fundraising and granting organization that supports healthcare service providers who deliver community-based care to patients and their families.
  • Where does the Foundation get money to grant funds? +

    The NVHCE Foundation is the custodian of an endowment that has been accumulated through generous support and contributions from patrons, donors and businesses over many years. Interest accrued from investing the endowment responsibly provides the Foundation with a budget that forms the basis for an annual Grants Budget, which is used to provide grants and seed funding to the community-based health care service providers the Foundation supports.
  • Is your Board of Directors paid a salary or honourium? +

    No. The NVHCEF is run by a volunteer board that takes no remuneration.
  • Does the NVHCE Foundation receive funding from any level of Government? +

    No. The NVHCE Foundation is completely self-sustaining and independent. It does not receive any government funding whatsoever. The Foundation’s endowment is its sole source of funds to support all operating/administrative costs and its granting activities.
  • Why should I donate money to the Foundation rather than donating directly to one of the healthcare organizations it supports? +

    When the NVHCE Foundation receives a donation, the entire donation is used for granting purposes or to grow the size of the endowment – which in turn generates greater investment income that will be used in future grants.
  • Does the NVHCE Foundation accept In Memoriam donations and bequests? +

    Yes. Please contact one of our Directors to discuss options for supporting the Foundation in these ways.
  • Interested in having an event to benefit the NVHCE Foundation? +

    If you or your organization would like to hold a fundraising event to benefit the NVHCE Foundation, please notify us in advance so that we can offer our support and materials. Permission is required to promote or advertise the NVHCE Foundation as the benefiting charity.
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