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Nicola Valley Health Care Endowment Foundation

December 2019 - Highland Valley Copper Teck

Highland Valley Copper Teck generously donated another $80,000 for a total donation of $160,000 towards equipment in the new ER. Thanks to their generosity, we now have two fully functioning trauma bays in the ER, with top of the line equipment.

Fundraising Update

Thanks to a donation of $1,000 from Linda Brown in Memoriam of her father Roy Brown. The thermometer currently sits at $400,000 and we're getting close! A big thank you to the community for the continued support.IMG_20180928_1335331.jpg

Fundraising Update

IMG 4075

Thanks to a donation of $5,000 from the Order of the Eastern Star we were able to boost the thermometer to $375,000. We're getting close! A big thank you to the community for the continued support.



Fundraising Update!

The thermometer was raised to $325,000, due to a number of smaller donations. A big Thank You to the community for your continued support!

Merritt Firefighters' Association

Thank You to the members of the Merritt Firefighters' Association for their generous donation.

They did a mini boot drive, passing around the boot among their members only, and came up with an impressive donation of $1,100!

Fundraising Update!

The Thermometer is rising again, and sits now at $300,000!

NVHCEF Director Jerry Sanders recieved a Benefacor Donation from Paula Moyes, and Lia Moyes-Larson. The in-memoriam gift is presented on behalf of five generations of the Moyes Family in the Nicola Valley.

A big Thank You to the Moyes family for their donation!


Fundraising Update!

Jerry Sanders raised the fundraising thermometer once again this morning, after generous donations from the Shriners ($1,000) and Bryon & Denise Schmidt ($50,000).

A huge thank you to our newest donors (and of course to all past and future donors as well). Your support is very much appreciated!